Solving Addiction in Women through Drug Rehab

In the US alone, 200,000 women suffer from substance abuse-related illnesses, and more than four million individuals are in need of therapy. Drug rehab centers are available throughout the country, but most women are afraid to ask for help because of the social stigma against women involved in drug abuse.

Most cultural expectations place women on a pedestal, above substance abuse problems. Most people think that substance abuse issues are more common among men, and that women are not really affected by these. Because of this, many women find it difficult to seek treatment after recognizing their problem with drug abuse. In addition, they may also fear entering a drug treatment center dominated by men, where they may feel judged or vulnerable.

Apart from that, women need special addiction therapy to account for the distinct gender patterns towards addictive disorders. Estrogen, for example, plays a major role in this difference, as it makes women more prone to substance abuse quicker than men. This is also the reason why females have a higher relapse rate than males.

If you or a woman you know is currently suffering from substance abuse, Food Addiction, Inc. is ready to help. We’re a substance abuse and drug rehab center that offers addiction therapy tailored especially for women. With our help, you or your loved one can feel at ease in a comfortable environment, among trained and compassionate medical professionals.

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